So I’ve been around a while. Played with a lot of stuff over the years, and still fiddling with both the punk rock and computer stuff. Did a hardcore radio show for 4 years in the late 80’s, then moved to San Francisco, wrote for Maximum Rock and Roll for about 11 years, worked at Epicenter Record store for 4 years, did the “Vacuum Records” mailorder for 7 odd years… picked up some rocking punk during all of this stuff.

I was introduced to hardcore & punk through things like the first Dead Kennedy’s album, and seeing Black Flag in 1986. Not that I think of myself as old school, since some people I know were doing things like booking Misfits shows in the early 80’s.

That kinda shit puts my cred to shame, but being old does give me some perspective on the crap that’s passed off as punk today. Luckily for me, everyone can ignore my ramblings and collect their checks either way.

Started doing the Killed By Death and Killed by Hardcore streams a couple of years ago, since it was a fun thing to play with, and interesting to try and select what I thought the best tracks off all the content I’d collected.

Drop me a note sometime — always interested in stuff I might be missing out on which should be heard. timojhen at gmail dot com works…