October 2008

Thanks to the folks who got in touch and made the case I should keep this going.  It’s back up now, and I’ll do some things on my end to keep it rolling on.  At least until things like the ASCAP situation (noted below) ruin it for everyone.

Comments are always welcomed — nice to get some feedback and hear that folks are enjoying some of the classics from back when….

Had been considering what to do for a while now, and it was “sudo shutdown now” time.

I’m not sure how much interest there is in the stream, hosting it from my house is a burden, and I’m not too motivated to keep working at it.  I’ll let things settle for a bit and see how I feel.  I was (somewhat) excited at the start, since it was a great opportunity to play with some technology I didn’t know well.  It’s a bit old hat to me now, so there’s not a lot in it for me.

On top of my general ambivalence, ASCAP (another of the crony arms of the RIAA mob) has been sending me angry letters about how I owe them fucking royalties.  Serious.  A bunch of unreleased / forgotten / crap punk recordings with no redeeming value and they feel like they own it somehow.  I’ve asked that they clarify which artists I’ve played who they represent (so I can immediately cease playing them of course) without a response, but this isn’t something I could afford to dump a lot of cash in to.

If you feel strongly about it (i.e. “holy shit man… it’s the only way I can make it through the workday”)  let me know.  I’m sure I could keep it going without much sweat.

contact : timojhen (at) killedbydeath dot org


c’ya later alligator!!