February 2008

Sad news about someone who had an inexplicable influence on me.  Didn’t know him personally, but couldn’t even explain the impact VOID had on me some 20+ years ago.  Thinking back to the impact songs like “Who are You” had on me, it’s crazy to even consider.


News : Dischord , LastDaysofManonEarth2.0

Videos : “Who are You”“My Rules”

MRR 25th

Wow, 25 years. That’s nuts. We’re all getting older every day, but it’s things like that which really push me over the edge. Had the same weird nostalgic “holy shit” feeling a couple of years ago when I realized that I’d seen Black Flag 20 (!!) years previous in Syracuse NY.
Good stuff either way… lots has passed, but there’s been some good times, and I can’t really complain.

Or whatever.  Rapidly feeling like my (already eclectic) tastes are further degrading.  I’ve found myself listening to a wider and wider variety of music lately.  It’s good, but means there’s even less time in the day to consume everything I’d like to hear.

On that front, started another blog to cover some of the weirder things I’m picking up.  It’s over at indiepunk.net where I’ll partition off the non-punk crap I’m listening to.  Think everything from Plastikman to New Pornographers.

More later.  Personal stuff is still @ timojhen.com.