July 2007

no, not marraige, did that years ago.  sticking with WordPress for now, since I’m tired of fuckin with it.

If you’re interested in what’s playing (or just played), check the links section — the old playlist is there.  The listen links are also to the right.

Feel free to leave any feedback — going to put some minor amount of effort into this.

Interesting to evaluate the two things.  Have been thinking about using blogger, since it’s easy.  That said, it’s part of the google juggernaut, which I’m uncertain about.  As much as I like the bulk of their stuff, it’s weird to see the web moving entirely to google provided junk.

So Alternative Tentacles sent me some stuff recently which was really nice, and I thought…. damn. Too bad I don’t have a good way to give them some props. I’ve definitely been a critic of theirs at times in the past, but it was super nice that they bothered to send me anything at all. Not to mention it’s stuff I’d actually enjoy — the Mad and Mentally Ill retrospectives.

Thinking about doing something like a blog to keep some props flowing — would like to publicly thank the folks who’ve been helping by tossing some swag my way — it’s appreciated. We’ll see how this develops, and how my interest is maintained.

If nothing else, it’s got me interested in things like CSS, which is intriguing…..