It’s been a good run, but killed the stream when the latest hosting renewal came up.   I’d lost much interest in doing anything with it, and it didn’t seem reasonable to pay for hosting when it wasn’t getting any love.

Thanks to those who’ve paid attention over the years – it was definitely interesting. There’s so many audio options out there at this point I’m sure folks can find someone to support who’s more actively involved and actually creating something new.

Never thought 2500 old punk tracks playing out on shuffle would have the longevity it did!

Was able to extend the hosting for a bit.  No guarantees on how long it may last, but better than a sudden death I guess.

Enjoy while you can!


Update : AOL is suspending all of their (free) hosting, which I’d been poaching since 2004 or so.   I’m going to pony up for the next year and pay for some hosting since I’d be disappointed to see things end on a sour note.

Will figure out what to do after that later.   here’s the new (paid) stream URLs or you should be able to go to : (yes, port 80. extra three bucks a month, but figured it’d be worth it for anyone in a odd port unfriendly situation) :

Suggested by others, worth a try (I can’t test from where I am right now) :

windows Media Player
Real Player

Just a quick shout out to folks who either point out the stream is down (email is best) or check in every once in a while and let me know it’s worth continuing.    I don’t do much with it since the playlist is mostly frozen in time, so it’s easy for me to forget about it entirely.

Just noticed / corrected an issue this morning with the “recently played’ link which has the last 20 tracks which played, so should anyone need that again, it’s working.

On a more personal note, while my musical tastes haven’t changed at all, I’ve not done anything with this in quite a while.  Not sure that will change anytime soon between work, kids (2), gaming and other life “stuff” but willing to leave this as is for as long as it’s useful to someone…..

Thx –


Had someone submit a question about something which had been played, thought this may be worth some additional attention.

If you’re ever interested in a listing of the last 20 tracks which were played, you can go to the page mentioned below.  Let me know if the info is incorrect / incomplete and I’ll try to get you more details if you like.

Thanks to the folks who got in touch and made the case I should keep this going.  It’s back up now, and I’ll do some things on my end to keep it rolling on.  At least until things like the ASCAP situation (noted below) ruin it for everyone.

Comments are always welcomed — nice to get some feedback and hear that folks are enjoying some of the classics from back when….

Had been considering what to do for a while now, and it was “sudo shutdown now” time.

I’m not sure how much interest there is in the stream, hosting it from my house is a burden, and I’m not too motivated to keep working at it.  I’ll let things settle for a bit and see how I feel.  I was (somewhat) excited at the start, since it was a great opportunity to play with some technology I didn’t know well.  It’s a bit old hat to me now, so there’s not a lot in it for me.

On top of my general ambivalence, ASCAP (another of the crony arms of the RIAA mob) has been sending me angry letters about how I owe them fucking royalties.  Serious.  A bunch of unreleased / forgotten / crap punk recordings with no redeeming value and they feel like they own it somehow.  I’ve asked that they clarify which artists I’ve played who they represent (so I can immediately cease playing them of course) without a response, but this isn’t something I could afford to dump a lot of cash in to.

If you feel strongly about it (i.e. “holy shit man… it’s the only way I can make it through the workday”)  let me know.  I’m sure I could keep it going without much sweat.

contact : timojhen (at) killedbydeath dot org


c’ya later alligator!!

Sad news about someone who had an inexplicable influence on me.  Didn’t know him personally, but couldn’t even explain the impact VOID had on me some 20+ years ago.  Thinking back to the impact songs like “Who are You” had on me, it’s crazy to even consider.


News : Dischord , LastDaysofManonEarth2.0

Videos : “Who are You”“My Rules”

MRR 25th

Wow, 25 years. That’s nuts. We’re all getting older every day, but it’s things like that which really push me over the edge. Had the same weird nostalgic “holy shit” feeling a couple of years ago when I realized that I’d seen Black Flag 20 (!!) years previous in Syracuse NY.
Good stuff either way… lots has passed, but there’s been some good times, and I can’t really complain.

Or whatever.  Rapidly feeling like my (already eclectic) tastes are further degrading.  I’ve found myself listening to a wider and wider variety of music lately.  It’s good, but means there’s even less time in the day to consume everything I’d like to hear.

On that front, started another blog to cover some of the weirder things I’m picking up.  It’s over at where I’ll partition off the non-punk crap I’m listening to.  Think everything from Plastikman to New Pornographers.

More later.  Personal stuff is still @

lance hahn in action

Would certainly love to be wrong, but hearing Lance had his health problems get the best of him. I know he’d been struggling with a number of really serious medical conditions for a while now, but this still has me totally shell-shocked.

Great guy, in it for all the right reasons, never compromised. Few like him …..

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